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Gov't must resume dredging channels

Editor: Re: Unlike the lower Fraser River, Delta's argument holds water, Community Comment, Feb. 15 I would like to clarify some points made in Corry Anderson-Fennel's Community Comment.

With the Southlands, we're not happy until you're not happy

You can sure tell spring is on its way to South Delta. The trees are starting to blossom. The birds are singing. The sun is up before you are. And it's time to start fighting over the Southlands.

Those who already compost shouldn't have to pay additional collection fee

Editor: Re: Food waste to be collected at curb beginning in April, Feb. 22 It seems to me that Delta was selling composters for private use in our backyards many years ago. We have used one since they were available and still do to this day.

Gov't asked to dredge channels

Editor: Re: Pay own dredging, letter to the editor, Feb. 22 I would like to respond to the letter by Ernie Tobin regarding dredging in the Ladner channels. He was responding to a Feb.

Opportunity knocks at Paterson

I hope Coun. Sylvia Bishop's motion for Delta to explore the possibility of purchasing the remainder of Paterson Park gains some traction with her colleagues.

Celebrating Heritage Day

The Cammidge House Committee will be celebrating Heritage Day on Sunday. The theme this year is power, i.e. electricity and gas, says event co-chairman Geof Hacker.

Substitute politician for sailor to update 'drunken' spending reference

Editor: Re: TransLink spending like 'drunken sailor': mayor, Feb. 17 I take exception to Delta Mayor Lois Jackson's use of the term "drunken sailor.

Ornaments far from pretty

Editor: Ever since the Millennium Trail opened for public use, it has become a favourite place for people to enjoy the outdoors, and the variation of scenery along the golf course, marina and boat launch areas.

Governments stopping short of resolving labour disputes

This column will make some angry, and worry others. Its about the changing scene in labour relations that is going on around us. Whether you are up to date on the teachers job action and legislation in B.C.

Families can't afford higher fees

Editor: Re: Seniors shouldn't pay as much as families, letter to the editor, Feb.