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Thanks to Rotary

Editor: I would like to thank the Tsawwassen Rotary Club for the new water park in Diefenbaker Park. What a great gift to the families of Tsawwassen. Generations of families will be able to enjoy fun in the sun for years to come. Kim Briscoe

Taxpayers on hook for lawsuit

When I first heard it, I thought it was a joke.

Trip to Vancouver made more problematic without the 601

Editor: Once again a dreaded trip to Vancouver. It is exasperating for a senior to cope with buses, stairs, the Canada Line and crowds.

'Viewer mail' shows some people need to lighten up

Everyone who writes a newspaper column receives the odd angry letter, or two. Rarely are those letters responded to, as it's just not advisable to engage critics. People have their opinions, and that's that.

Rear lights needed through tunnel

Editor: People who have followed the Council of Canadians' involvement in the fight to stop the South Fraser Perimeter Road will know I'm not a big fan of highways.

Fantastic response to Un-Garage Sale

Editor: I would like to thank our community for the tremendous response to our Un-Garage Sale. Ladner Baptist Church held a garage sale with a twist - we gave everything away.

Backyard chickens would have helped community become more progressive

Editor: Re: Keep poultry where it belongs, letter to the editor, Aug. 5 I couldn't agree with David Batchelor more whole-heartedly.

Choice needed when it comes to SmartMeters

SmartMeters! They are coming your way and there is no choice: you will have a SmartMeter installed on your home. You can pay to have it relocated near your home, but install it they will, like it or not.

Use ballot to pose questions

Krista Engelland is on to something.

Original design for tunnel included white ceramic tile

Editor: A recent letter by Bob Orrick that followed a letter by Mike McConnell regarding the lighting and safety in the George Massey Tunnel led me to write this letter. Orrick is quite right on all three counts: 1. Ventilation.