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Not feeling sorry for Hodgins over Southlands saga

Editor: I don't know Sean Hodgins, but I'm sure he's a nice enough person. I do know he's a very good property developer, but I don't feel sorry for him over the Southlands saga.

10% HST is more fair

Editor: There are many problems with the information in the HST Guide that we received. First of all: we are given only two choices: keep the HST or go back to the GST/PST - the going back would be at fearsome expense to the province apparently.

HST decision is a no-brainer

Editor: I know it's been said that businesses will save because of the HST, but consumers will save too. If we keep the HST, the rate will be 10 per cent. If we go back, it'll stay at 12 per cent. Seems like a no-brainer. Isaac Kendall

Keep the HST

Editor: Once again we are being inundated with political rhetoric, specifically in the Delta Optimist issue of June 17. What does Harry Seddon's letter "Guide fails to provide unbiased information" prove.

New YVR fuel delivery project will be safe

Editor: Re: Don't take chance on tankers, letter to the editor, June 17 To help ensure the airlines serving Vancouver International Airport (YVR) can operate effectively, they require access to a reliable and competitively-priced fuel supply, which w

Canucks and Vancouver need to toughen up

Editor: In the movie Rudy, there is a scene where head coach Dan Devine, played by Chelcie Ross, gives the Norte Dame football team a pre-game speech.

Locals take long way to avoid 1st and 56th

Mayor & council: Re: Full traffic signal to be installed at 1st and 56th, June 24 Thank you for deciding to convert the pedestrian signal at 1st and 56th to a proper traffic signal.

Cooling off at the beach will make you feel like kid again

It seemed a lot easier to beat the heat when you were a kid. Fifty cents and a bike on a summer's day worked quite well from my recollection. Pool hopping was an easy, inexpensive and thrilling way to chill out.