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Bending the premier's ear

Editor: Re: Premier in town for round-table, Aug.

Don't put faith in drivers

Editor: Re: Pedestrians hit along Trunk Road, Sept. 7 Having read about yet another couple of pedestrians being hit I find I can't hold my tongue any longer.

Incessant banging from farm fields disturbing peace & quiet in Tsaw

Editor: I have lived in Tsawwassen for over 20 years now and recently I have noticed there are bird guns going off in the fields bordering Tsawwassen.

Lack of consequences makes referendum incomplete

Editor: The recent referendum regarding the 12 per cent HST versus GST/PST (five per cent + seven per cent) was incomplete. It didn't provide us with the considerable cost consequences to stopping the HST and restarting the GST/PST of over $1.

It would do Liberals good to be left in the wilderness

Editor: The New Democratic Party has little to gain by associating itself with a corrupt old-boys' club that thinks itself entitled to govern this country.

Premier should hold a true town hall meeting in Delta

Premier Clark: Whilst I was pleased to hear that you were in Delta recently, I was disappointed that the town hall was not more of an open meeting where you could have heard from a cross section of Delta residents.

Rhetoric continues to flow as HST readies to make an exit

Two weeks ago we found out the HST was dead and we would go back to GST and PST. Since then the airwaves have been filled with more confusion and flawed economics.

N. Delta complaints still hold true dozen years later

Editor: Re: Mayor's daughter critical of ND, Aug.

Watching tragedy unfold

It was a glorious late summer morning, other than the fact it was my first day back from two weeks of holidays. I left the house shortly after 8 a.m. on Tuesday and walked north along Arthur Drive toward our office in Ladner Village.

Powerful talk with new premier

Editor: Last Friday morning Premier Christy Clark came to Tsawwassen (unannounced to the public) to address the media with her announcement of $8 million for school playgrounds.