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Step forward to ensure pedestrians stay safe

Editor: I am writing to express my concern regarding the crosswalk at Ladner Trunk Road and 55B Street. On Tuesday morning a young lady was hit on her way to her first day of school.

We now have army of public employees with excessive compensation

Editor: The Aug. 12 edition of the Optimist has two items that speak to the difficulty that seems to exist with all our governments behaving responsibly with our money.

Congrats to Slater for his NDP acclamation

Editor: Re: Slater to run for NDP in Delta South, Aug. 17 Congratulations to Nic Slater on his acclamation. It's good to see the New Democrats will run a strong candidate. It remains to be seen who his opponents will be.

Not all councillors supported Arthur Drive application

Further to a letter that appeared in the Aug. 19 edition regarding an Arthur Drive development application, it should be noted that councillors Ian Paton and Anne Peterson and Mayor Lois Jackson voted against the proposal.

Bible didn't foretell 9/11 tragedy

Editor: In the American calendar system this tragic event occurred on Sept. 11, 2001 and ever since it has been simply known as 9/11. However, in SI metric system parlance the date was 2001.11.09, i.e.

Meter replacement program getting ahead of itself

Editor: On Aug. 31, B.C. Hydro Regeneration alerted local residents through this paper that B.C. Hydro would replace our current electricity meters with new smart meters.

Premier has built-in excuse thanks to the HST's demise

Yay, the HST is defeated! Boo, the HST is defeated! Which is it? I guess that depends on which way you voted, although I have a feeling that many on the "yay" side may end up having some regrets.

Layton's death could turn Canadian politics into a two-party system

Editor: Re: Raeside cartoon, Aug.

A cautionary development tale

EDITOR: "Do unto others as you would others do unto you" is the most basic moral principle we share in a civilized world. The recent development at Tsawwassen Springs defies this principle.

Delta council credited for listening to neighbourhood

EDITOR: Re: Eyes opened by Delta council decision on higher density project, letter to the editor, Aug.