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Smart meters add to the debate over how much radiation our bodies can withstand

Editor: Re: Delta stymied on smart meters, Dec.

Critics of Tory justice policy fail to undertake basic research

Editor: Re: Not all of MP's constituents in favour of Tory crime bill, letter to the editor, Dec.

Whatever your reason, it's the season for celebration

Well, have you got everything done? Did I see you running about the stores trying to get some lastminute items? Will you be seen in the supermarket tomorrow looking for that special cheese? Has someone in your home being doing extra baking - recipes

New Canadians not to blame

Editor: Re: Progressives making strides in their assault on Christmas, Community Comment, Dec.

Coyote-chasing dog not on Metro payroll

Editor: I recently encountered someone allowing his dog to run loose along the Boundary Bay dike and trail where migratory birds stop over during their migration.

Shoppers now on the clock

Since when is Dec. 14th considered last minute? I picked up the Vancouver Sun last Wednesday and there on the front page was a teaser for a section inside that was supposed to take the pain out of last-minute Christmas shopping.

MP should drop propaganda in favour of opinions

Editor: Because the times are as they are, for the year to come I just wish more information on our MP's opinions and actions on hot matters (port expansion, South Fraser Perimeter Road and agricultural land protection, environment protection, Kyoto

No guarantees housing to be built on TFN land

Editor: Re: TFN to add substantially to housing stock, letter to the editor, Dec. 14 It may be premature to count 4,400 residential units on TFN land by 2041, or plan Delta's future based upon that growth.

Traffic lights will undoubtedly prevent many accidents

Editor: Thank you to Delta council for having the traffic lights at 1st Avenue and 56th Street installed.

'Progressives' making strides in their assault on Christmas

Do you remember the old stopmotion puppet television show, The Little Drummer Boy? For decades it was an annual staple on television, but no more.
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