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It's time for another poll

Editor: The application to build 950 homes on the Southlands requires a change in the Official Community Plan. For more than three decades this land has remained designated and zoned as agricultural.

Pavement not a great legacy

Editor: Re: Can't afford to lose more farmland, letter to the editor, April 25 Now that we are all back from our winter breaks, spring breaks, etc.

Viable not always in the plans

When it comes to Delta's commercial areas, there seems to be a difference between what's viable and what's desirable.

Farmer has to be up to the challenge

Editor: Re: Farmer wants ALR abolished, letter to the editor, April 25 So Trevor Harris is "tired of listening to the B.S. about saving the farmland here in Delta.

Gateway already established

Editor: The Liberals and Port Metro Vancouver have steamrolled ahead removing hundreds of hectares of food-lands to establish the Gateway Project and the South Fraser Perimeter Road in order to expedite container traffic out to Port Kells and numerou

Cummins' Conservatives could spoil the party

Editor: Re: Cummins more than a spoiler, Murphy's Law, April 13 Ted Murphy's editorial may well be prophetic.

Develop Delta farmland, but with some conditions

Editor: There seem to be some controversy about the sales of 558 acres of farmland in South Delta. Well, like it or not, we live in the developed world.

Stage being set for big decision

As the Southlands saga adds another chapter to its colourful history, two things are becoming abundantly clear. The first, which is hardly a revelation, is the notion there will never be a consensus when it comes to this controversial piece of land.

Glaring need for crossing with greater capacity

Editor: I've viewed the disc (available at the library) on the construction of the George Massey Tunnel and, despite its construction being an engineering feat of which those involved can be proud, I think the tunnel inadequate from its opening.

Don't turn to court for all the answers

Editor: April 17 marked the 30th anniversary of the enactment of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadians have been a proudly free people long before that document was written and will continue to be so into perpetuity.
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