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Not all of MP's constituents in favour of Tory crime bill

Editor: Re: Public backs crime bill: Findlay, Dec. 9 So Kerry-Lynne Findlay thinks her constituents are in support of the Conservative crime bill. She obviously hasn't talked to me.

Tsawwassen youngster impresses on Gateway stage

Editor: I was privileged to attend the matinee performance of The Sound of Music last Saturday at Gateway Theatre in Richmond.

Support for winning candidates comes from all areas of Delta

I am going to continue my review of voting data from the 2011 municipal election to include some observations on the results for councillors.

Too early to be making any plans

I give him marks for confidence, but Adrian Dix surely must recognize that 18 months is an eternity in politics, particularly in this province.

MLA shares views on fall session of the legislature

With the conclusion of the fall legislative session I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on new legislation and my work as your independent representative in Victoria. Two important pieces of legislation affect our children.

Delta should voice opposition to smart meters

Editor: Re: Delta stymied on smart meters, Dec. 2 For clarification sake, I would like readers to know I oppose a smart meter being installed on my property and in reference to this article, I still have the original/old meter on my property.

Strong case for roundabouts

Editor: Re: Roundabouts, not traffic lights, letter to the editor, Dec. 2 I was reminded of the subject of public safety yesterday after witnessing a serious crash at a Ladner Trunk Road intersection.

Failing grade for solution

Editor: I received my children's report cards today, and the reality was brought to bear as I looked at the blank page. What a complete and utter waste of everyone's time, money and effort.

Owners shouldn't walk their dogs at the cemetery

Editor: I am a dog lover. I dog-sit my family's dogs and I pet dogs being walked by their owners. That said, I am at a loss to understand why dog owners allow their dogs to visit Boundary Bay Cemetery. Posted signs forbid dogs in this area.

Maintaining our quality of life more complex than it seems

You hear a lot about retail sales and quarterly numbers from manufacturers at this time of year.
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