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Government following Huntington on new tax

Editor: Re: MLA's position on HST shows she's no different than governing Liberals, letter to the editor, June 29 Nic Slater wrote criticizing MLA Vicki Huntington, claiming she was just following the government line on the HST.

Indecision over HST continues despite smelly sales pitches

Three weeks have passed since the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, and while just about everything that could be said about it has been said, I'm still going to add my two bits.

MLA playing all sides on HST

Editor: Re: We're better off at 10%: MLA, letter to the editor, July 1 Vicki Huntington might stay away from partisanship when it comes to Liberals and New Democrats but she certainly isn't averse to politicking in its worst form by playing all sides

Delta council should not acquiesce to bullying from special interest groups

Editor: Let me preface this rant by saying I am both a supporter of the Agricultural Land Reserve and the preservation of Burns Bog.

Delta South MLA not like the Liberals

Editor: Re: MLA's position on HST shows she's no different than governing Liberals, letter to the editor, June 29 It is quite clear that our MLA thinks the HST is a good tax otherwise she wouldn't have voted for it.

Port expansion must be opposed

Editor: Re: Despite propaganda, new terminal isn't required, letter to the editor, June 17 Susan Jones' comments should be taken to heart by us all. As we watch our government and Port Metro Vancouver gobble up farmland we should be very alarmed.

Will B.C. voters shoot themselves in the feet?

Re: Liberals use propaganda to sell us on the HST, letter to the editor, July 1 After all the politicking, after all the loud complaining about the government's sneakiness and "propaganda," after all the hard work of one of our better premiers, after

Little comfort zone for taxpayers

Editor: Hold on. As I understand the newspaper accounts of the proposed Southlands deal in Tsawwassen, it would put our municipal government in the business of "urban agricultural" land management, whatever that may become.

Not feeling sorry for Hodgins over Southlands saga

Editor: I don't know Sean Hodgins, but I'm sure he's a nice enough person. I do know he's a very good property developer, but I don't feel sorry for him over the Southlands saga.

10% HST is more fair

Editor: There are many problems with the information in the HST Guide that we received. First of all: we are given only two choices: keep the HST or go back to the GST/PST - the going back would be at fearsome expense to the province apparently.