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Political leaders must heed warnings about rising sea levels

Editor: Re: Political leaders are told not to ignore rising sea levels, May 11 It is interesting to read that Delta council is listening to professional opinions on the potential threat to flooding through climate change (read global warming).

Judicial activism continues to flourish in Canada

Editor: Re: Don't turn to court for all the answers, letter to the editor, April 27 Letter writer Steven Austin is rightly concerned about an activist high court's growing propensity to "legislate from the bench.

South Delta sleepwalking toward a transportation crisis

Editor: South Delta is facing a major transportation crisis, and with the Tsawwassen Springs development and the potential for massive developments on the TFN and Southlands, our transportation crisis will turn into a complete fiasco of perpetual gri

Questions unanswered on port impact on ecosystem

Editor: Re: Port expansion hasn't impacted bird numbers: biologist, May 11 Your optimistic frontpage article raises many more questions than answers.

Much support shown for annual G3 plant sale

Editor: The organizing committee of Gwen's Growing & Giving, a sharing and caring fundraiser, would like to thank you for your support of the very successful 18th annual plant sale.

Farmland letters better late than never

Editor: Re: Council calling on senior gov't not to remove land, May 9 I must say I was heartened to read that Delta council has called on senior governments not to remove land from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Motorists still ignoring signs at tunnel

Editor: Sixty years ago when I was first licensed to operate a motor vehicle in B.C., the requirement to read road signs and the like was paramount. Today, it seems, such is not the case.

Traffic not just from the malls

Editor: Re: Traffic impacts to be 'insane,' May 9 When I read the headline, I thought our mayor and council had finally come to the realization what any Southlands development would do to our local traffic situation.

'Lifer' says it's about time to shake those cobwebs

Editor: After living in Tsawwassen for my entire 42 years, I am continually amazed at the narrow vision of some residents. I am a "lifer" here and feel I've paid my dues in order to say that comment.

Loss of farmland would have impact on Pacific Flyway

Editor: I note with interest all of the letters concerning the viability or not of farming in Delta. Dr.
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