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Gag order on Southlands is attempt by mayor to protect members of council

Editor: Re: Debate poised to resume, Sept. 21 Mayor Lois Jackson is seeking a legal opinion that could prevent people from asking candidates for Delta council about their position on the Southlands proposal.

Let voters know where you stand

I understand the legal requirement for local politicians to remain impartial when dealing with development applications, but, come on, at some point voters deserve to know where our decision makers stand.

Delta has had a century to save these heritage homes

Editor: Re: One flattened and another on the clock, Sept. 16 The Delta Heritage Advisory Commission is way out of line stating that the recent heritage houses slated to be demolished are clear cases of "demolition by neglect.

Premier must walk the walk on salaries

Editor: Premier Christy Clark has been in the news recently echoing the sentiments of most hard working British Columbians regarding the outrageous pay increases several of our top paid public servants have been receiving.

Gov't needs the reality check

Readers of the Optimist who pay attention to provincial media coverage of education issues will be aware of the current round of negotiations between public school teachers and the provincial government.

Homes can be saved for a price

It's truly a shame reminders of Delta's past are disappearing, but it shouldn't come as much of a surprise given the economics at work.

Civic spending is increasing well beyond rate of inflation

As it's about two months until the municipal election, I wish to discuss items of public policy that should be campaign issues. Delta's finance department, under the long-term management of Karl Preuss, CA, appears to be well run.

Make referendum binding

Editor: Re: Hodgins wants public to have say, Sept.

Lost wallet finds way to owner thanks to stranger

Editor: My husband and I were having dinner at Taverna Gorgona last Thursday. On the way back to our car, somehow my wallet fell out of my purse. Later that evening I received a call from the restaurant informing me it had my wallet.

Driver in distress gets help from 'Dave'

Editor: Recently I had just exited the south end of the George Massey Tunnel and was stuck on River Road with an overheated car.
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